GMD obtains new certification that guarantees quality in the management of IT services to its customers
GMD, recently obtained the certification of the ISO/IEC 20000 Standard. Thanks to that, GMD customers can be sure that their IT services will be managed with the best practices and provisions that will ensure continuous improvement. Strictly, the ISO/IEC 20000 standard demonstrates that GMD has adequate controls and procedures, which compliance guarantees the quality in the management of informa... leer más


GMD obtained re-certification as SAP Hosting Partner to provide Technology Outsourcing Services
One of the 4 companies in Peru that have this certification. GMD, recently received recertification: SAP-Certified Provider of Hosting Services, in its constant effort to improve and provide increasingly higher customer service levels. This certification granted by SAP AG, supports that GMD provides Operations Outsourcing (Hosting) services complying with all the requirements set forth by t... leer más


Marathon chose the Microsoft Application Hosting service and GMD Backup Data
GMD will provide Marathon Sports Peru, leader in the manufacture and distribution of sportswear, with Microsoft Application Hosting services which includes email hosting, Active Directory and software inventory management service, in addition to backup services. This service will be provided for a period of 60 months.... leer más
SAVIA will use for 3 more years GMD’s Help Desk Outsourcing
SAVIA, one of the major oil companies of Peru renewed its confidence in GMD by choosing it as their IT partner who will provide Help Desk Outsourcing services for a period of 36 months. This service will provide IT support to over 450 users nationwide, serving employees of the company in its 3 offices located in Lima, Piura and Talara.... leer más
GYM chose GMD’s Communications Outsourcing to its new headquarters in Miraflores
GMD’s Communications Outsourcing service, will be provided as a managed service of the active LAN network, WIFI and IP telephony in order to improve the management of users, in which each user that gets to the new corporate building would have an assigned position which will include: 1 network point, 2 wireless connections and telephone point. Thus, we have created a highly resistant network infra... leer más


Cibertec chose GMD’s Help Desk
GMD will provide Help Desk Outsourcing services to Cibertec for a period of 5 years, assisting during this period to 300 employees of the company, in the 5 offices that Cibertec has in Lima city.... leer más


Communications and Security Management Outsourcing in GYM
The admission of Graña y Montero Group into the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) listing implied several challenges, including safeguarding information security against any attack or event that the group’s network could have suffer and thus protect the critical business information; in addition, it was associated the need to have a stable and efficient network infrastructure, for which GMD implement... leer más
GMD Expands its Software Factory Service in GYM
GYM decided that GMD will perform the audit and QA of the existing systems in the organization, with the intention that GMD would be responsible for the evolutionary, corrective and adaptive maintenance. In this manner, the services provided by GMD’s software factory would be extended for a period of 36 months.... leer más
Minera Volcan renews GMD’s Help Desk Outsourcing
Minera Volcan, a company engaged in the exploration, exploitation and processing of minerals renewed its confidence in GMD by extending our IT Help Desk Outsourcing Services for 3 more years. Through this service our team of specialists will support 1,600 users in their projects nationwide such as Minera Yaula, Minera Cerro de Pasco, Minera Chungar and Minera Alpamarca.... leer más
The largest Help Desk Outsourcing is in the Romero Group
The Romero Group, one of the most important, solid and prestigious economic holdings in the country, chose GMD’s Help Desk Outsourcing. This service will be provided for a period of 36 months and 8,900 users in 16 companies will be assisted in their 447 offices located in Peru and also in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Honduras, El Salvador, Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador, becoming the largest H... leer más


New Help Desk Outsourcing Service in the ONP
The Pension Administration Office (ONP), awarded GMD with the Help Desk Outsourcing Service for a period of 36 months. This service will be delivered nationwide assisting 1,276 customers across its 8 offices in Lima and 25 offices nationwide.... leer más
GMD will provide Technology Outsourcing Services to the ONP
Since 2010, when GMD started providing services to the ONP, we have significantly improved the service quality achieving significant customer satisfaction: 92% GMD, signed a 3-year contract to provide outsourcing services for the technological infrastructure of the Pension Administration Office (ONP), thus starting the year with one of the largest projects of the State related to these kind o... leer más


GMD receives the TIER III certification that places its Data Centers at the highest level
The Tier III Certification, granted by the Uptime Institute, ensures the continuity of data center operations before any contingency. GMD’s customers will be benefited as they will continue to have the highest quality standard service that ensures the continuity of the services. GMD, recently obtained the Tier III Certification, granted by the Uptime Institute. This certification ensures th... leer más



Forum Comercializadora del Perú S.A. chose GMD
Forum, automotive financing specialist and part of the BBVA Group, trusted GMD to provide the IT Outsourcing Service. GMD will manage from January 2014 the Help Desk and Data Center Operations services, consolidating and expanding the services currently provided to the BBVA Group.... leer más
Scotiabank Peru trusted in GMD’s Help Desk services
Scotiabank trusted GMD to provide the bank customers all the Help Desk Level 2 support related to the platform Cash Management Bank service nationwide. This service has been developing successfully, generating high levels of customer satisfaction.... leer más
New Unified Communications in MI BANCO
GMD won the provision and implementation of Unified Communications Cisco and Office 365 infrastructure for Mi Banco, expanding our presence with this important client.... leer más


New model of commercial system in UNIQUE
GMD recently developed a new sales management tool and credit management for Unique sales force aimed at increasing the sales volume of the company and have more information about who are their best saleswomen/payers. More than 800,000 consultants worldwide will access this new sales tool implemented by GMD. The development of the tool will run in 9 months and the contract for support and maintena... leer más


Minsur chose GMD’s Help Desk Outsourcing Service
Minsur, is now part of the group of companies to get GMD’s Help Desk Outsourcing Service and by which more than 800 employees will receive remote support and on-site in its 8 offices nationwide.... leer más


Euromotors renews GMD’s Help Desk Services
Euromotors renewed its confidence in GMD by extending for 3 more years our condition of technology partner to provide Help Desk services. GMD has been providing this service since 2003, which ratifies its confidence and commits us to keep on providing quality services.... leer más