Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in GMD will provide as strategic partner comprehensive solutions to your business, operational, documentation, management and transportation processes that your company needs to achieve your institutional goals in the short and long term. Our process management methodology will help you get in the short-term improvements in your efficiency, effectiveness, quality, risk reduction, cost reduction and higher revenues consolidating in this manner your business in the market.

GMD offers the following process solutions:

Operational Management

Today, the companies face challenges of competition and regulatory compliance that force them to review their processes in order to reduce the operating costs, improve their efficiency and quality. GMD has over 15 years of experience in implementing outsourcing services to public and private entities as well as market leaders in the financial sector. The GMD professional team works side by side with the customer’s own team in order to implement and operate successfully all services in the deadlines established. Proven processes and management of advanced technology assures best results: optimize the investments, improve operational efficiency, risks reduction and costs improvement.

Operational Management Services

Customer Service

  • Reception and Customer Orientation.
  • Billing and Delivery.
  • Collection and Claims Management.

Operational Services

  • Commercial management: meters implementation and measuring, cuts, reconnections, distribution of receipts and communications.
  • Facilities Monitoring
  • Verification of Information


  • Commercial management related to meters implementation and measuring, cuts, reconnections, distribution of receipts and communications.
Digital Management

Due to the high costs generated by poor information management, GMD offers adequate Document Management and Custody that will allow your company to improve information availability by ensuring readiness, security, integrity and authenticity of the same, in addition to managing conservation periods of the assets and their legality, according to the provisions established and following market standards. Likewise, we preserve and maintain the physical document archive before possible contingencies such as deterioration and/or destruction, using digital means with legal value; furthermore, we analyze your information based on your requirements to provide the necessary tools for the decision-making in your company.

Digital Management Services:

Archive and Custody

  • Documents Management and Custody
  • Deletion of Information
  • Microfilm Vault
  • Valued Document Vault.

Information Processing

  • Document Processing (digital microfilm)
  • Digital Transactions
  • Document Accreditation
  • Business Support Processes

Use of Information

  • Business Information Analysis
  • Publication
  • Digital Brokerage
  • Electronic Notices
  • Time Stamping.
Traffic and Transport Management

Globally, cities are experiencing major transformations in terms of the services provided to citizens in several areas such as transport, security, energy, water and others. These services are converging towards models called by specialized companies as Smart Cities. The line has been created precisely to support these transformations in the city. Our contribution is based on the experience we have in road concessions, train operations, strategic alliances with technologic partners and operators worldwide, the formation of local teams specialized in high-performance traffic and transport capable to offer the best suitable solution to the city with highly effective results.

Traffic Management

Focused on solving problems such as traffic congestion and chaos, road traffic safety and road misinformation to citizens through a design planned and consistent to the resources and needs of the city. Our traffic engineers have the purpose to achieve safe and efficient mobility in the city, through the use of technological components of hardware and software, and the use of best practices in traffic solutions proven worldwide.


  • Control: to manage traffic violations with the help of sensors.
  • Traffic Lights: integrated intelligent traffic system that allows regulating and controlling the traffic light cycles of the city.
  • Road traffic safety: use of video surveillance cameras integrated to a control center operated by qualified personnel.
  • Monitoring Center: installation and operation of a monitoring center to screen traffic conditions in real time as well as to have a specialized equipment to simulate and model alternative solutions for vehicular chaos.
  • User information: paneling, web portal and mobile applications to provide information to citizens. All this information can be controlled and updated online.

Collection System, Fleet Monitoring and User Information

Focused on solving problems in the public transportation system which are related to the traditional collection system and the difficulties entailed, such as the abusive behavior of the drivers and collectors, the "penny war", collection evasion, among others, we offer the collection operation through an automatic collection system with electronic contactless cards (TISC).


  • Collection Operation: operate the electronic collection through various components such as the use of TISC's cards, commercial sales network and “top-up”, provision of collection equipment and fleet monitoring attached on buses, Clearing, User Support Center, Call Centers, Information Processing, Telecommunications and others.
  • Fleet Monitoring System: installation, training and Fleet Monitoring System Support whose main components are the Monitoring Center (Video-wall and monitors), Fleet Monitoring System, GPS installation on buses and control fleet monitoring software, Communication in buses and patios for voice communication, audio and data to the monitoring center etc.
  • User Information: through panels on buses, web pages designed to provide information on routes, schedules, maps and among others. Various information means, smart phones, tablets, totems, etc.

Free Flow (Electronic Toll)

Focused on solving toll collection problems in both urban and intercity highways with heavy traffic load that need an automatic payment method which a conventional toll (booth type) cannot provide. This is done by using a transponder (TAG's) attached to the vehicle with RFID technology for transmitting and processing the information.


  • Marketing: customer registration, contract management, Tag's marketing, promotion policy, tariff policy among others.
  • Billing and Collection: rates by locality, payments, invoicing, management of means of payment, collection management among others.
  • Customer Service: custom point of attention, Call Center and Web Portal
  • Management Information: to the user via web, smart phones, tablets, to route concessionaires and government agencies among others.