Technology Outsourcing

GMD seeks with their outsourcing services in the cloud to accompany and help your clients, reach modernity, efficiency and competitiveness demanded by today's market, in compliance with your business objectives. The service is based on Service Levels, where technology, processes and technical expertise are integrated to reach: fast deployment, lower costs, integrate different solutions, reduction management and operation complexity and higher levels of availability.



This GMD service is based on the provision of integrated technology solutions that consider the entire necessary infrastructure for the customer to outsource safely and reliably operating services, administration and support of their applications ORACLE EBS / SAP or others.


No investment in infrastructure or personnel is required for the operation and management of the platform.

  • Quick enabling to accompany the business of our client according to the terms of their projects.
  • The service considers the management of systems and applications like SAP or EBS or at a Database level and Basis respectively.
  • The service is based on Compliance with Service Level.
  • The economic model is designed under monthly payment according to the use of capacities.
Help Desk

The Help Desk service of GMD operates as a single point of contact that channels the customer service requests for infrastructure support to final users of the customers. This service is based on Service Level aligned to ITIL best practices and where our processes are certified with the highest quality standards in the industry as the ISO 9001:2008 Standard. The final purpose is maintaining and improving the efficiency of their processes, helping to improve IT users’ productivity and control over their equipment, which ultimately translates into added value for their business. GMD has highly qualified professionals for the call center, on-site agents and supervisors who provide services to more than 52,000 final users from the different economic sectors of manufacturing, banking and finance, telecommunications, industry and commerce, both private companies and the public sector institutions nationwide, providing remote support to more than 10 countries. This has turned us as the leading company in outsourcing Help Desk services at regional level.


  • Team of highly qualified professionals and in constant training, meeting the highest standards in quality standards and best practices in IT and IT Project Management.
  • Access to World Class Services, supported by the best industry practices (ISO, ITIL, PMI)
  • Reduction of unavailability of technological infrastructure of users (improvement in productivity).
  • Support multi-brand equipment under multiplatform services provision.
Contingency Site

GMD provides Contingency Site services ranging from consulting for contingency plans design (DRP) to the provision of hardware, software and comprehensive implementation of a contingency solution. This service allows you to ensure continuity of IT services through a replica of business critical services in case of a possible loss of principal site.


  • Reduction of TCO during the period of service by leveraging economies of scale.
  • Reduction of assets and increase of liquidity.
  • Risk reduction of technological obsolescence.
  • Reduction of administrative and logistical costs.
  • Flexible service scheme with the possibility of variation in time.
  • Set the budget for technological operation.
  • Service Levels.
  • More reliable security levels.

GMD provides security services for information technology designed to solve your security problems. Our consultants will help you deploy fast and efficiently complete security solutions to identify, manage and quickly respond to security threats. Our experience in IT Security allows us to introduce a comprehensive approach to specific security challenges of the company and obtain the flexibility needed to speed up the operations and take advantage of growth opportunities.

ISO 27001 Certification

The Security Operations Center service is currently certified with the ISO 27001 Standard in the processes defined for security management.


  • Reduce the probability of any incident by continuous monitoring of attacks that could compromise security.
  • Constant monitoring capability for the sole purpose of detecting vulnerabilities, intrusion, security attacks, threats that could degenerate into a security incident.
  • Review and study incidents identified during detection.
  • Collaboration in the preparation of resolution and monitoring plans to neutralize the incident.
  • Local Security Certification (ISO 27001) and Quality (ISO 9001).
  • 24x7x365 Service Operations.

GMD provides a Network Administration service, to provide customers with stability, safety and optimum performance of your LAN network, enabling, if any event arises, get the shortest time possible without platform availability.


  • Simplify Management Platform for LAN Network, aligning with business needs.
  • Fight complexity problems, quick evolution of technology and high cost of operation.
  • Reduce service downtime and have a SLA as benchmarks for continuous improvement.
  • Release internal IT resources to focus on critical processes and business projects.
Cloud Services

With cloud services GMD provides with different services according to the needs of its customers. Among them are:

  • IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service
    With the Servers on Demand service in the cloud GMD provides virtual servers or memory capacity, processing and storage with greater flexibility, speed and availability, more efficient, reliable and secure.
  • PaaS: Platform as a Service
    With this service GMD provides work environments in the cloud, including infrastructure, operating systems and databases, which can be used for development environments, Test, Qas environments, or others.
  • SaaS: Software as a Service With services like: corporate email in the cloud, sharepoint as a service, BYOD as a Service, GMD provides higher levels of capacity, flexibility, speed and availability, more efficiently, reliably and secure.


  • No investment in infrastructure or personnel is required for the operation and management of equipment.
  • Fast enabling to accompany the business of our client, for the time required for their projects.
  • The service is based on virtualized solutions, creating greater efficiency in resource use, availability, and centralizing management services.
  • The economic model is on monthly payments as per use of capacities.
  • Not limited to geographic coverage and can be accessed from anywhere with internet access.
  • No investment in infrastructure or personnel is required for the operation and management of your mail.
  • The service is based on MS Exchange, with all the benefits of collaborative mail without having to deal with the platform, licensing, administration and support.
  • The economic model is by the amount and features required by each user.
Managed Services

IT interruptions cause delays in the business that may affect productivity, service quality and the final result. GMD solutions for IT platforms management are designed to help you manage the performance and availability of your platform more efficiently. Our solutions for the administration of IT platforms will provide a stable and secure way to manage all components, which allow us to monitor performance application, and quickly detect incidents affecting service throughout your environment.

  • Operating System
  • Applications
  • Database: SQL, Oracle, DB2, Oracle EBS


  • Network and servers management under FCAPS standard.
  • Technical equipment with more than 40 managers.
  • Technical support with more than 40 specialists.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • Service based on service levels.
  • Experience in more than 25 projects.
  • GMD has over 200 certifications.
Data Center Operations

GMD provides nonstop monitoring and equipment operation services, 7 days a week for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This service is based on standards such as ITIL and is provided through a set of partners with extensive experience in the use and management of support tools.

  • SLA’s Management
  • Reporting and Measurement of Service
  • Continuous improvement of service
    • Incident Management
    • Requirements Management
    • Event Management
    • Operations and Technology Management
    • Change Management
    • Asset and Configuration Management
    • Supplier Management


  • Reduction of TCO during the period of service by leveraging economies of scale.
  • Process operations regulated by standards
  • Reduce operational risk by turnover, vacation, illness, knowledge drain, etc.
  • Reduction of administrative and logistical costs.
  • Flexible Scheme service with possibility of variation in time.
  • Set the budget for technological operation.
  • Service Levels.
  • More reliable Security Levels.
  • Raising levels of user satisfaction.