Technology Solutions

Whether you require reducing costs, increasing availability, improving security, integrating new technologies or optimizing your current systems, we will be with you every step of the way. The GMD technology solutions optimize stability, reliability and infrastructure performance of its customers. It also provides the flexibility required to integrate new technologies in order to meet the changing needs of users. The exclusive services offered by GMD are based on industry-leading technologies, proven processes, certified staff and partnerships with leading hardware and software vendors such as Cisco, CA, HP, Microsoft, VMWARE, Citrix.


Transform the communication in your workplace. Unified Communications of GMD and its business partners Cisco and Microsoft allow collaboration across multiple platforms such as Windows, Apple (IOS), Android and Blackberry (OS). Working together is much more than sending emails and exchange documents on a computer. With the growing number of mobile customers who are experts in devices being tied to a single operating system can be a limitation for your company and your employees. Discover how collaboration can give your staff freedom to see, hear and think together, with any device, anywhere, choose GMD solutions and transform your communications today.


With Unified Communications GMD and its business partners your company can:

  • Increase the productivity of your employees.
  • Improve operational efficiency.
  • Accelerate decision making and customer service cycles.
  • Adapt more quickly to market changes.
  • Encourage innovation.
Contact Center

The contact center solution of GMD and Cisco helps you enter the next phase of customer service, which involves passing from the current contact center to a network interaction with the client. GMD provides a comprehensive solution that enables to reduce costs associated with the business and an improved response to the customer by providing an automatic call distributor (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), computer and telephone integration (CTI) and agent services ready to implement a contact center. Our extensive experience in Testing services has led us to certify more than 500 systems at local and regional level.


Our solution provides:

  • Sophisticated call routing functions.
  • Management and administration to meet the needs of customers, departments, branches or companies.

In addition, includes a reduction in the complexity of integrating business applications, facility to the administration of agents, increasing the flexibility of agents which allows continuing the evolution towards a true interaction network with your customer.


GMD Network Solutions create agility to capture new business opportunities, increase customer knowledge from personal experiences based on network, and improves the productivity of all employees. These solutions linked, in full and extensible manner, users, devices, applications and business processes to the network.


Network services are services rendered end to end across the infrastructure, covering solutions of:

  • Functional Support SAP and Oracle.
  • Functional Help Desk (first level)
    • Switching: Through this solution you obtain more than just connectivity and expect more from your network
    • Routing: Optimize the productivity and minimized the total cost of ownership with routing solutions of next generation that will offer the customer a top quality experience, increasing the scalability of the architecture and ensuring the investment protection.
    • Security: Reduce the costs and complexity with an architectural approach and security systems and will provide network access at anytime, anywhere reliably and highly secure.
    • Mobility: Increase the user productivity and business power by using an intelligent wireless network leader in the sector which provides new opportunities to use mobile applications and reduces reliance on IT resources.
    • WAN Optimization: Speed up your applications over the WAN network by using WAN optimization solutions.
IP Telephony

This service allows you to expand the communications services in a very safe, reliable and uniformly to all employees, regardless of whether they are located on the main campus, at a branch or working remotely. IP telephony transmits voice communications over the network using Internet Protocol based on open standards. GMD IP telephony solutions and Cisco are an integral part of Cisco Unified Communications that combine voice, data, video and mobility in fixed and mobile networks applications enabling users to communicate in any workspace through any device, mean or operating system. Using the network as platform, IP telephony solutions help organizations of all sizes to achieve greater security, resistance, and scalability in addition to the intrinsic benefits of using a converged network for transport and interconnection.


IT consolidation is an ongoing process that addresses the entire IT environment (people, processes and technology) by ensuring that IT technology be more effective, efficient and agile. Thanks to our ample support management, design and unmatched delivery in the industry, the IT consolidation services of GMD meet the needs of its customers. Our exclusive IT consolidation portfolio covers all activities of the company, from the data center to the workplace.


  • Server Consolidation: Streamline your processes with an infrastructure of simplified data management, which will allow you to take full advantage of your organization. Reduce your staff costs and support.
  • Storage Consolidation: Enjoy the benefits of effective management and protection of data, including the design and implementation of a consolidated storage environment.
  • Communication Consolidation: Simplify and streamline your infrastructure with LAN and SAN communication services that allow all users access to a single network immediately.

GMD virtualization solutions allow you to implement a server in minutes, straight from the box, saving time and eliminating the tedious configuration procedures. In GMD we can manage the virtualized server in the local console and remotely. Through this solution we can help you virtualize servers, desktops and applications.


  • Server Virtualization:
    Maximize the use of your platform and provide flexibility for your business!. Enjoy the efficiency and availability of IT resources and services through virtualization. Start by removing the old model “one server for one application” and run multiple virtual machines on each physical machine.
  • Desktop Virtualization:
    Implement quickly your desktop PCs simply and securely! Provide desktops from the datacenter as a managed service and access to more flexible business infrastructure that will allow you to respond quickly to the needs.
  • Application Virtualization:
    Move any application to the web! Access any application own or of third parties easily, from any device, anywhere.
Business Continuity

When every hour, every minute, every second counts, you can count on the support of GMD to choose your solutions and continuity services that will give you confidence that your systems are running smoothly.


  • High Availability: Optimize your availability and reduce all risks derived from a business interruption! Through our areas of expertise we monitor your entire IT environment for potential problems before they affect your key business operations.
  • Disaster Recovery: Protection and Recovery! Keep your information intact despite of planned or unplanned failures!. Run your company again quickly, and make sure your sources of income remain intact!
  • Backup: Reduce storage costs and protect critical business data! Increase the performance of your organization with a backup strategy reliable, secure and that ensures fast and efficient recovery.
High Availability

Optimize your availability and reduce all risks derived from a business interruption! GMD provides a portfolio of high availability solutions for servers, virtualized environments, email, Linux and Unix Systems, Databases on Microsoft and Oracle platform. These solutions allow you to reduce recovery time during downtime and maintain levels of availability agreed.


Our solutions are recovered quickly in case of unplanned interruptions and significantly reduce downtime for maintenance and operations necessary for the proper performance of critical mission applications. GMD provides Implementation and Support of:

  • High Availability Clustering active – passive / active – active for applications.
  • Database Replication a software and/or hardware level.
  • Clusters Virtualization creation for servers.
Storage and Backup

Information is one of the most valuable assets of your company. That is why GMD Storage Services are dedicated to provide the peace of mind you deserve by knowing that your information is always available, scalable, updated and secure. The GMD Backup solution allows you to cover your needs for protection of information using customized tools integrated to your critical applications so that it provides a centralized and flexible management.


GMD solutions include: Storage Area Networks (SAN), Backup Strategies and coverage of heterogeneous environments. Whether you are working with HP-UX, IBM-Aix, Microsoft® Windows® or Linux operating systems, you can always count on GMD as your single point of contact to provide all the services you need.


  • Consulting and implementation of centralized storage infrastructure (SAN and Storage)
  • Implementation of backup solutions and data replication
  • Support
  • Implementation of database solutions.

This GMD solution allows you to centralize and standardize the information backup processes using a software and equipment that allow an automated process of such tasks, eliminating errors by human intervention and downtime due to Backup processes.


  • Perimetral security
  • Control access to the network and database
  • Database audit activity
  • Antivirus systems
  • Implementation of secure remote connections

Based on strong partnerships with its Partner, GMD offers its customers consulting services to optimize software asset management, this comprehensive range of solutions enable you to improve productivity and reduce operating costs.